LOGICIEL takes an in-depth look at an organization's security posture and provide it with a complete risk management plan. The process is simple:
  • Analyze - A company must undergo a specific type of security analysis, which may include one or more of the following services:

    • External Technical Test: LOGICIEL analyzes all business-critical network devices on the perimeter of a company's network to determine if any high-risk vulnerability is present.

    • Risk Analysis (based on BS7799/ISO17799): LOGICIEL analyzes and measures a company's level of security risk based on the Standard for Information Security Management - British Standard 7799/ISO17799.

    • Internal Technical Test: LOGICIEL analyzes a sampling of internal critical network devices to determine if any high-risk vulnerability is present.

  • Remediate - LOGICIEL recommends steps to improve the systems.

  • Scan - Our consultants provides monthly scans of systems to ensure compliance with recommended security measures.
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