LOGICIEL conducts a technical assessment of a computer network and identifies areas within the system that are insecure and may be vulnerable to an attack. The assessment utilizes a variety of award-winning products as well as other best-of-breed solutions to provide thorough inspection of your computer network.
  • This assessment service is appropriate for any organization struggling to answer the following questions:

    "How can I make my enterprise computing environment more secure?"

    "Am I utilizing industry best practices in my security solutions?"

    Any organization that is unaware of its vulnerabilities and/or chooses not to repair them is placing its valuable assets and information resources at unnecessary risk.

  • As a result of the Network Security Assessment, the client receives a deliverable containing all identified vulnerabilities within the computer network along with recommendations for repairing each critical weakness. Combining this service with a BS7799-based assessment offering provides a comprehensive, holistic assessment of the current security posture.
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