Once an organization has successfully completed the assessment process, LOGICIEL consultants are available to design a customized long-term information security solution. These comprehensive Design services cover security policy development and enforcement, policy measurement metrics, security architecture and deployment strategies.

Our design services offerings include:

Policy Development
Security Deployment Workshop
Information Security Architecture Design
Policy Depolyment
LOGICIEL policy experts review an organization's existing security policies and/or help develop a new security policy that meets the overall business objectives of the organization. LOGICIEL consultants use the British Standard 7799/ISO17799 as the guideline in which to develop a policy based on company assets, architectural maturity and industry within the marketplace. Robust policies enhance the integrity, confidentiality and availability of critical online information assets.
Information Security Architecture Design  Top
LOGICIEL consultants analyze the current network security topology across the enterprise to ensure that deployment methodologies are current with the latest technologies and best practice standards. Our consultants utilize award-winning software and other best-of-breed technologies.
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