Logiciel offers a wide variety of training courses to enable today's IT professional to stay current on the latest technologies in the Information Security field.

In addition to courses developed in-house by certified personnel, we shall partner with industry-leading vendors to offer certified training for security products offered by those vendors.

Security Strategy Workshop

In this 2-3 day workshop, LOGICIEL works with an organization's representatives to assess the current security posture, determine goals for the desired state of security, and develop a concrete Information Security Management strategy, which includes an action plan, goals and performance measures and timelines.

  • This assessment is for any organization without a mature Information Security strategy to align with the Information Security initiative within the company. A Security Strategy Workshop is also appropriate for any company that needs to reassess the current state of its current Information Security Plan.
Security Deployment Workshop Top

In this 2- to 3-day workshop, LOGICIEL and client team leaders work together to define a security deployment strategy. In this workshop, Information Security goals are set, change management/action project plans are developed, and performance measures are established that align with overall business objectives.

This workshop is for organizations that have a defined strategy that meets the conceptual requirements of an Information Security initiative but it still needs help developing a strategy for deployment.

This deployment will typically involve best-of-breed software, but the event can also serve as a planning session for the deployment of any security initiative or combination of security initiatives. The requirement is that an organization has already decided what security system it wants to deploy, but it needs assistance planning how to execute it. (This planning event can be an add-on to the security strategy workshop.
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