Logiciel was founded in recognition of the immense need for assisting businesses and organisations in selecting the best products and implementing the best solution approach to securing their information systems and networks.

Logicielís team provides industry-leading information security solutions to commercial and government clients conducting business within extremely critical and sensitive operating environments.

Logiciel is headquarted in Lagos State and was founded by information technology professionals with over 20 years of information systems and security expertise. The management team is made up of Cyril Esedo and Osita Ogbonnaya. The extensive experience of the founding members range from designing an organisationís security architecture at the executive level to integrating secure technology solutions at the technical level.

The skills and experience of Logicielís consultants uniquely qualify us to provide businesses and organisations with Active lifecycle security support. Logicielís management team was among the early pioneers to implement as well as manage Internet banking as well as computer network security in Nigeriaís financial services sector.

Logiciel provides Active lifecycle security support. Active lifecycle security support is the ability to design, implement, maintain, and evolve the security architecture we create. We focus on a risk management approach to engineer effective security solutions that enhance our clientsí operations.

This focus ensures our solutions are practical and efficient; enabling our clients to successfully address and manage their information security risks.
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