The Internet and information technology have changed how companies conduct business. The benefits are obvious - larger markets, streamlined operations, lower costs. Online access to key systems is no longer just an option. Any organization with a network has valuable information that needs to be protected.

And yet, seldom does a week pass without a headline about a security breach. Online operations are unavailable. Trade secrets are stolen. Customer information gets posted to the Internet. The results are just as predictable. A spate of bad publicity. A statement issued by the MD/CEO that every effort is being made to minimize the damage.

LOGICIEL's Managed Security Services (MSS) will provide remote security management. These powerful business solutions protect critical infrastructure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

And they work without an extensive investment in staff or technology, for organizations of various sizes.

LOGICIEL's MSS programs address two distinctly different market needs. Each managed service is available directly from LOGICIEL, or from any other managed security providers. This flexibility allows any business to receive best-of-breed security management, either directly from the industry leader, or as part of a broader offering from a trusted business services provider.
Service Description
Enterprise Managed Firewall Service
Client VPN Service
Managed Site-To-Site VPN Service
Managed Network & Host Intrusion Protection Service
Security Assessment Service
Managed Antivirus Service
Managed Web Filtering Service
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