LOGICIELís Managed Security Services is a solution for businesses seeking outsourced management of their information security requirements.

Leveraging LOGICIELís expertise in network security, Managed Security Services provides the trusted security solution for organizations of all sizes. With its highly trained personnel, LOGICIEL delivers a comprehensive security solution that provides executives peace of mind knowing all their critical information assets are well secured while also lowering the total cost of ownership for their organizations' infrastructure.

LOGICIELís Managed Security Services will benefit an organization by:
  • Protecting against information security-related losses in revenue, shareholder equity, productivity, proprietary data and customer confidence.
  • Putting information security in the hands of a highly trained and specialized staff.
  • Lowering the total cost of ownership for their security infrastructure, including the expenses associated with monitoring and maintaining security on a 24x7 basis
Services Description
Enterprise Managed Firewall Service
Client VPN Service
Managed Site-To-Site VPN Service
Managed Network & Host Intrusion Protection Service
Security Assessment Service
Managed Antivirus Service
Managed Web Filtering Service
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