Managing risk means being ready when improper activity and
malicious misuse threaten critical online business resources.

LOGICIEL's Emergency Response Services (ERS) provide this crucial link for e-business, helping businesses prepare for security incidents, respond to attacks and misuse, coordinate recovery, and reduce the possibility of recurrence.

LOGICIEL ERS is available in packages designed for the needs and budgets of large and small businesses alike, including on a per-incident basis. The full ERS program is the only emergency response program that augments incident response with preparedness consulting, monthly security advisory reviews and business hours support.

LOGICIEL ERS is designed to complement both in-house information security operations and outsourced managed security services.

Basic ERS includes the following:
  • Two hours workshop covering incident management issues and strategies
  • Two hours per month of telephone and/or e-mail support for incident preparedness, management and response
  • One vulnerability scan of the customer's primary DMZ, up to one Class C network
  • 24x7 availability for incident detection, containment, eradication, recovery and prevention services
  • Additional support at a reduced hourly rate
Full ERS includes all the services of Basic ERS, plus:
  1. 4-day onsite incident preparedness workshop
  2. Additional monthly telephone and/or e-mail support for incident preparedness, management and response
  3. Up to 70 hours of LOGICIEL-directed response for declared emergencies
  4. 12 man-days of on-site consulting, conducted in quarterly sessions, to assist in developing incident response plans and procedures
  5. Additional emergency services, including computer forensics, at a reduced hourly rate
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