The Internet has changed the way people conduct  business. Companies must now deploy open and dynamic networks that are accessible to business partners, customers and authorized users working from home or traveling across the globe. As networks become more open, they become more vulnerable to attack - creating the need for comprehensive network security solutions that are managed properly.

     Almost everyone knows connectivity to the Internet requires some form of security, yet, there is an amount of misunderstanding of what it takes to correctly deploy, manage and monitor these devices, and be able to respond to security incident whenever they occur. As businesses rely on the Internet infrastructure as business critical, it's important to understand all elements of the security management challenge, what needs to be done, and what elements and components a Security Service Provider like LOGICIEL can augment.

     Information is the currency of the digital economy. Whether an online storefront or sophisticated Internet-based commodity exchange, e-commerce is critically dependent on the secure flow of information to make the online magic work. These transparent online supply chains can lead to streamlined business operations and new market opportunities. Or, if poorly protected, they can quickly lead to an expensive premature obsolescence...More

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New Security Courses:
The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council®) has Approved Logiciel as an Accredited Training Center (ATC) and Exam Proctor. Logiciel will now provide its subject matter experts to train and educate clients about 'defense-in-depth' from its Lagos training facility. Courses will cover Ehical Hacking and Forensics and Countermeasures. For a list of upcoming courses, pricing and course syllabus CLICK HERE or call 234-1-4738002 for more information
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