The Internet has changed the Companies must now deploy open and dynamic networks that are accessible to business partners, customers and authorized users working from home or traveling across the globe. As networks become more open, they become more vulnerable to attack - creating the need for comprehensive network security solutions that are managed properly. way companies conduct business.

Almost everyone knows connectivity to the Internet requires some form of security, yet, there is amount of misunderstanding of what it takes to correctly deploy, manage and monitor these devices, and be able to respond to security incident whenever they occur. As businesses rely on the Internet infrastructure as business critical, it's important to understand all elements of the security management challenge, what needs to be done, and what elements and components a Security Service Provider like LOGICIEL can augment.

Information is the currency of the digital economy. Whether an online storefront or sophisticated Internet-based commodity exchange, e-commerce is critically dependent on the secure flow of information to make the online magic work. These transparent online supply chains can lead to streamlined business operations and new market opportunities. Or, if poorly protected, they can quickly lead to an expensive premature obsolescence.

At its core, information security closely resembles security in the physical world. Brick-and-mortar organizations use burglar alarms, fire alarms and security guards to protect facilities from theft and misuse.

The online world has exactly the same need, but the immense economic pressure to get online and grow quickly often tempts organizations to sacrifice security as a non-essential luxury.
This perspective is understandable, albeit shortsighted. Information security specialists are in high demand and short supply. Security itself can be complex in design and implementation, and requires 24x7 attention to be effective. And yet, security is critically important for e-business success. A single break-in at a warehouse carries a finite amount of loss. A single break-in that successfully compromises a key e-commerce server, however, can leave an e-business "out of business" for hours, embarrass that company in the national media and expose the organization to significant stakeholder liability.

LOGICIEL understands the needs and challenges facing any organization relying heavily on computer networks and information systems to support and expand its business opportunities.

Our best-of-breed information security solutions and managed security services deliver effective, cost-efficient and comprehensive protection for any e-business. By ensuring the availability, integrity and privacy of mission-critical business information, LOGICIEL eases the information security burden and helps our clients concentrate on what they do best - innovate, profit and grow.
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